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Thursday, August 18, 2011


The website has all its links now, and most of them have lots of content. Others have a description that's waiting for content. I've posted order information for the ragdolls and commissions and plenty of paintings and traditional artwork that may or may not be for sale. Fun stuff. Check it out at!

Next up, we're polishing the site, finishing pic uploads, and programming the cart feature for on-site orders through credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. Then we have to start an ad campaign to drum up some sales. I'm also thinking of setting a few base prices for artwork and setting up a prototypes section for Myth-Babies.

And I've stalled on the novel. I don't even have writer's block. Just haven't worked on it, even though I'm so close. I think it's a different anxiety and starting other new things. But I'm just a few hours away from finishing the draft. What gives? I may just lock myself in my bedroom and refuse food and restroom privileges until it's done. Hmmm... I said that as a joke, but it sounds like a plan! :D



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