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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BJD Progress Collage 6

The first Myth-Babies BJD is looking almost whole. This is the most exciting progress shot yet! Why? Because she not only has all her parts and joints... The parts are actually starting to work right!

Since the last progress post, I have completed the  new upper torso, roughed out finished arms and completed hands. I have made a load of unseen tweaks for functionality purposes. I've completely reworked the legs and knee/elbow joints, and re-set the sockets with the new joints.

I accidentally shattered parts of the original legs and had to remake or repair them. That's why they look rough and crappy. I have more layers and smoothing to do before they'll look presentable!

I'm running out of the pretty pale mixed-up base clay. That's okay by me, since the pure Sculpey III clay is stronger and smoother for the detail work I have to do now. I still haven't figured out which type of hip joint I want to make, so I have only giant resin spheres I made until I decide.

Overall, the doll looks pretty rough and lumpy up close. I'll be sanding and patching her up while I finish up the joints. I'll also be working on her insides-- setting eye wells and hollowing out the head a bit, plus getting her ready for molding by smoothing the core-mold surfaces. (Her forehead is thick because of all the extra clay I needed to add!) Then on to the fine detail work. Not long from now, she'll start getting coats of paint, more sanding and prepped for molding!

I welcome constructive criticism. Let me know what you think, or how I can improve! Thanks!



Head Sculpt :

Progress Collage 1:

Progress Collage 2:

Body, Arms, Legs:

Progress Collage 3:

Progress Collage 4:

Progress Collage 5:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Shutter Blossoms Sale!

My adorable, intelligent and cuddly friend Mika over at Shutter Blossoms (a blog for which I coined the name, I say smugly) is having a sale in her Etsy Store throughout May, too! She sells hand-made jewelry and beautiful photography prints. Go to Shutter Blossoms for links and coupon codes:


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smashwords Coupon!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Collern's Axe Collage and Print

Collern's Axe Collage Original Artwork

I'm having a blast making these. Just two out now. 8 more to go!

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And the print here (same coupon codes apply!):



My 2012 Creative Schedule

I'm a busy bee, or at least I INTEND to be a busy bee a lot. Here's to my compulsive listing complex for helping me organize the remainder of my creative year. Seems to be the only way I ever finish anything, when a deadline is looming. But wonder how much I coulda finished if I did some of those creative things INSTEAD of making this chart. Oh, well... :D

Here's part of my creative chart for the rest of the year. I'll be updating it frequently on my website, hopefully with plenty of ahead-schedule notifications and checkmarks of completion, but possibly with sad notes of deadline extensions.

MaySilver Empress Rough Draft1. Functional Sculpt, BJD
2. MB-Reborn 1-3: Cutesies for sale
1. Begin novel illustrations and cover designs, drafting
2. Illustration Collages, for sale (Finished: 1 of 10)
1. Complete Heritage Collection, for sale
2. All clothes
June1. Silver Empress Revised Draft, Story Adjustments
2. Full Second Draft, Incorporate Changes
1. Refine MB-BJD sculpt appearance
2. Cast joints, hands and feet in resin
3. Prep major body sections for molding. Test-string for balance.
1. Decide on list of novel illustrations and finalize compositions
2. Draft Silver Empress covers and lettering
3. Sketches for Unatan and Azelan World Profile THS website content
On hold until Heritage Collection is sold and 2nd novel is published

Full Creative Schedule:


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Myth-Babies Reborn Preview!

As part of my series of Myth-Babies Reborn vinyl dolls, I started with a small Berenguer-designed doll called "Lil Cutesies". I removed the thick, stylized hair with my Dremel and sandpaper. I removed the existing paint with acetone and then washed the head in soapy water. Then I sculpted (and will paint) elf ears.

Later, I'll be adding finishing touches with  paint and hand-rooting hair to complete the doll. When he/she is finished, I'll make a post in my Etsy store:


Myth-Babies Info:

Based on the creatures from Centaria, a world in my novel series Pathos, Myth-Babies are cuddly anthropomorphic versions of your favorite legends, myths and fairy-tales. Many Myth-Babies will also feature main characters found in my novels.
Myth-Babies will be released in the following forms:
1) Myth-Babies Reborn: Existing vinyl dolls, sculpted and modified to include realistic and fantasy characteristics. Reborn Myth-Babies are one of a kind, hand-altered, handpainted art or prop dolls.
2) Myth-Babies Cuddlers: Resin ball-jointed or cloth-bodied vinyl baby dolls, Doll with eyes and rooted hair or wig, Character Story and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity. These dolls will initially be hand-cast from my sculpts, and as such, in very limited editions! (Blank dolls may be fully customized through Commissions process to create a one-of-a-kind art piece!)
3) Myth-Babies BJD: Asian style Ball-Jointed Fashion dolls: Doll may come with eyes and wig, Faceup, 1 Simple Clothing Set (called a "Fullset"), Character Story and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity. (Blank "base" dolls may be made available, as well!)
4) Myth-Babies Plush: Chibi Character Dolls with painted faces and non-removable felt clothing.
5) Myth-Babies Accessories: Customization parts, Additional Clothing Sets, Iconic Artifacts from the Novels, BJD Weapons and Armor, Wigs, Eyes, etc.