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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My 2012 Creative Schedule

I'm a busy bee, or at least I INTEND to be a busy bee a lot. Here's to my compulsive listing complex for helping me organize the remainder of my creative year. Seems to be the only way I ever finish anything, when a deadline is looming. But wonder how much I coulda finished if I did some of those creative things INSTEAD of making this chart. Oh, well... :D

Here's part of my creative chart for the rest of the year. I'll be updating it frequently on my website, hopefully with plenty of ahead-schedule notifications and checkmarks of completion, but possibly with sad notes of deadline extensions.

MaySilver Empress Rough Draft1. Functional Sculpt, BJD
2. MB-Reborn 1-3: Cutesies for sale
1. Begin novel illustrations and cover designs, drafting
2. Illustration Collages, for sale (Finished: 1 of 10)
1. Complete Heritage Collection, for sale
2. All clothes
June1. Silver Empress Revised Draft, Story Adjustments
2. Full Second Draft, Incorporate Changes
1. Refine MB-BJD sculpt appearance
2. Cast joints, hands and feet in resin
3. Prep major body sections for molding. Test-string for balance.
1. Decide on list of novel illustrations and finalize compositions
2. Draft Silver Empress covers and lettering
3. Sketches for Unatan and Azelan World Profile THS website content
On hold until Heritage Collection is sold and 2nd novel is published

Full Creative Schedule:


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