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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'd like to fall uphill for once. That's my plan. All my work toward getting the real-world job I wanted fell into unreceptive hands. No teaching job for me. But educational politics aside, I've still got that grain of faith and gallon of hope that say perhaps something much more lucrative and special is out there for me. So while I struggle with finances and trying to find a job that will pay the bills, I've devoted myself to the Big Three: Finishing Novels, Making Comic Books, and Dollmaking. Throw in a little intent-to-paint, planning a wedding, and settling into a new house, and I'm booked through the Fall. Oooh! And see my doll ad below:


I've got the new Heritage Collection series of ragdolls in production. There are 5 doll styles in the series: a brunette girl with green button eyes named Tama, a boy with light brown hair and dark green eyes named Bandon, a blonde with light blue eyes named Melly-Jane, a black-haired, brown eyed Ryan-O, and a dark blue eyed, redheaded Suzy-Sue. Tama, so far, wears a purple sundress with a green sash. Melly-Jane wears a pink princess-y dress. Suzy-Sue wears a yellow pleated skirt with a blue tank top. Bandon wears blue bibbed overalls. Ryan-O wears big shorts... with suspenders! :D


Melly-Jane, no ribbons yet



They're all so cute! And since they're all prototypes, they have a lot more time and effort invested for a very high-quality product. If you're interested in purchasing a ragdoll that is here, or ordering a custom style, I'm pricing the prototypes inexpensively at $25.00 each plus shipping (unless I can hand deliver nearby). Please contact me directly with orders until my website's cart is functional. (hint, hint Ryan. Please don't let me make an Etsy store, cuz I'll have to raise my prices!)


*Description: The Heritage Collection features ragdolls styled after myself and a few close friends. We're all from this country's heartland, and my ragdolls are designed after the traditional crafts of the country.

*Height: Between 17" and 18" not counting hair
*"Skin": Very soft cotton flannel
*Hair: Acrylic Yarn (sewn into-- as in Bandon doll-- or attached securely to head with thread.)
*Face: Hand-embroidered features, with button eyes
*Stuffing: Mostly acrylic fiberfill. Supplemented with fabric remnants in a couple dolls. (Fabric stuffing made a more traditional-feeling doll that was floppier!)
*Clothes: A variety of cotton and synthetic fabric blends, as well as additional buttons and ribbons.
*Overall Design: Ragdolls are lightly stuffed for cuddliness and floppiness. They are made as collectibles but built to withstand childplay. Bodices on clothing are lined and all skirt and pants hems are double-folded.

NOTE: Slight variations will occur with handmade dolls due to the process and availability of materials. Please ask about all-embroidered, small-child friendly eyes.

That's it for today. Save my website to your favorites and keep checking! When it's shiny and functional, you'll get to see all the cool things we've been half-working on. Until then, email me at tamaravmhenson AT gmail DOT com with orders and questions.



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