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Saturday, July 9, 2011


One guess as to what I'm doing tonight... Yep. I'm actually writing. Not making dolls or inkwashing comics, but actual novelist things. So this is the plan all weekend. And when I've finished writing, I'll do more writing. And perhaps finish that issue of the comic I started... And dolls. But I can't sell squat until my website is up and running. If my website issue isn't solved in a week or two, Etsy, ahoy!

Real-world job, ahoy! Except I can't get anything with decent pay (even non-teaching jobs) until the end of August. Kinda sucks. So here I am, looking for restaurant work temporarily. Not in the same way that aspiring actors take a waitress or waitor job in the big city. But more in the same way that a poor girl who didn't get a teaching job still has to pay the bills, and has moved back to a small town where there isn't much work, and whose fiance isn't making enough dough to foot all the bills, but she still writes and draws in her spare time, hoping that all her query letters aren't rejections! Yeah. Kinda like that! :)

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