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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I passed the 53K words mark on my "Edit Volume 1 Challenge" of NaNoWriMo. Technically, this means I "win". I blame it on passages in the not-as-horrible-as-I-thought rough draft that I was able to just tweak, copy and paste instead of rewrite in depth. I'm still a good 15K away from calling the story finished, and most of that will be full on retyping, re-envisioning and restructuring. That's no big deal, really. Just work. I already have it drafted, really poorly drafted, but drafted nonetheless!

Upon finishing this second draft, I'll dive into a back-burner drafting of Volume 3, plus a double front-burner drafting of Volume 2 and polish of Volume 1. Y'know... a light work load for me! ;)

The Tamara Henson Studios website is coming along nicely. I've gutted an already gut-light website and taken out all the commission stuff for now. I've streamlined the content so that I still have some art and graphic design portfolios. You can still email me if you want. There's still some aesthetic stuff I need to work out, as well as the store and cart options through Google.

When I'm finished, the site will focus on my Novels and Doll development. My ART section will have my currently-released characters and worlds from my stories. I'm hoping that the Ragdolls of the World (tm) brand and the Myth-Babies (tm) brand will fully launch in the next year for a related reason. I want all my copyrighted content to have a professional-looking, content-heavy home because of the big scary thing I'm doing as soon as I can.

It'll take a bit for my web designer Ryan to make all my updates live. His router gave up the ghost last week and we're a bit behind due to that. Any website design and content feedback you can provide over the next couple weeks will be invaluable and much appreciated! :)


And the big scary thing that I'm doing with the novel: Self-Publishing under Amazon. There will be an eBook and a paperback novel. I'll be doing cover art and design. This may be hard work and a risk, but my book isn't making any money just sitting here either, waiting on the potential graces of the traditional publishing time suck.

God-willing, I'll be publishing volume one VERY SOON!



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