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Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Happy New Release Day, everyone! The Pathos of Rowan Jun is now LIVE and available for purchase on Amazon Kindle!

The "Look Inside" preview function lets you read all of chapter 1, and some of 2. Enjoy!


My shiny, newer and WAY more awesome website just went live earlier this evening! I still have some work to do on content, but it looks stupendous. Everything has a page, whether that page has any content or not... :D Main concerns: The store will go live soonish, once I get product info to my designer. And I'll get all the linkable banners in soon. And the Unatan profile artworks, as I promised earlier on the THS Facebook page... 

Give it a look-see: 


I'm hoping for a February 28 release date for the hard copy novel. Due to some setbacks both human and digital, I've delayed the proof order by a couple more days at least. (Some-Tama forgot to fix the cover after a format correction extended the book by, oh, thirty pages! So now I've gotta wait for the review results to tell me I screwed up. Effectively tied my hands for now. Ah, publishing!) And I may make a couple more aesthetic changes that wouldn't much affect the timeframe. But maaan, that interior file was a pain to upload! I don't wanna, but it must be right!

And gracious! If there's another announcement, I'll think it up later. *big sigh of stress-decompression* I shall celebrate my Happy New Release Day with only some work and possibly a full night's sleep!

Love and Cuddles,


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