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Thursday, April 5, 2012

BJD Body Sculpt-- In Progress

Ummm... Do I put up a NSFW notice for a lump of clay? Don't know yet. Either way, here she is!

Progress shots of the unfinished Myth-Babies BJD body, along with the creepy-eyed head. 

I popped the body in the freezer, cut the rib-seam, then baked her. Then I removed the core while she was still warm-ish and hacked at the inside of the upper torso with an X-Acto knife to start hollowing it out. Still so much more work to go. So far, I like her curves.

Debating on adding pointed ears to the head and lengthening her chin...

Criticize away, please! :)


P.S. This is a doll! There will be nekkids. Why do I feel as if I should apply a mature content filter??

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