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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Should I Panic Yet???

I'm not a big panicker. Honestly. I am also not a decisively extensive procrastinator. It seems like crap just happens, just like all the NaNoWriMo participants said. On the days that I write, I get a lot done. On the days that I don't, obviously nothing gets done. I need to work toward more of the former and less of the latter. Unfortunately for me, I know that I work extremely well under pressure while performing several different tasks, creative or otherwise. Since I know this, I think my subconscious wants to challenge it by finding at least two other major activities for me to focus on, activities like starting a business and making an inventory of items for sale. So I won't panic just yet. I may even still win this thing, for spite if nothing else.

On a side note: Being a "Creative" wreaks havoc on my sanity. Telling stories takes equal parts dreamer, creative, and crazy. I contemplate the worlds and characters as if they are real regarding events and reactions. This is key to telling stories that ring true! If you don't believe in the good guys and the bad guys, you're just providing a hollow list of events with characters who are just doing what you tell them.

I think all the people in my head play Rock-Paper-Scissors throughout the day to see who runs the show! Susan once told me that all my characters are just facets of my personality, which is true and comforting and... scary! I guess I knew this all along, because I am very attached to them all, even the villains. The good news is that if I ever dissociate into split personalities, she says she'll at least know them all!

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