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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blatant Randomness

I'm feeling amazingly uncreative today. The leftovers were good. (I cooked at Mom's yesterday.) I want to make firelizards, not prose! I can't draw men all that well, at least not comic-book-style-from-my-head. Brandon says their eyes are too big. Or their poses are too effeminate. Bad habits. I am a girl, therefore I spent most of my life drawing girls. I don't know how that happens. It's not like we sit and stare down our shirts to draw boobs. Or at least I don't. To each her own...

I bought way too much tofu miso soup, tea and short grain rice. I think I'm starting a Japanese diet. Brandon bought me a PSP game... the newest Kingdom Hearts! I'm excited. However, since I've continued to buy or receive new games over the last six years and haven't played hardly any of them because I was so busy working hard, I need to make a list and systematically finish them all. I kind of stalled out at Final Fantasy X-2. I think that's okay, because apparently most other people did, too! Not because it was difficult (please!). My FFX Tidus was pulling 99,999 on every hit before I finished the game. No, FFX-2 dress spheres make me cringe. I didn't want to turn off the animations for each change, because they were literally the only thing worth watching...

I watched the Avatar movie (Blue People, not Airbender) a few weeks ago, but not in good quality. I bought the extended edition and haven't watched it yet. Other than the generic, predictable plot and the fact that all the people are Fourkids-Popo blue, it's all right. I also feel like I've seen it before, and it was called Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest.

Now, I think I'll work on my drawing...

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  1. Mmmm Japanese diet... I could totally live with that. This week at the store I bought enough food to feed 10 people thanksgiving dinner and enough ramen noodles so that I would only have to cook that one legitimate meal all week! :)