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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phase Two: Comics-A-Lot

I'm working on my script for the graphic novel right now. I spent the morning in some more concept development and writing, and now I'm ready for a few good penciled pages to materialize. My major concern is lettering. I think I'll be able to generate all the lettering in the computer and just print-and-paste. But I do have the AMES lettering tool and a T-Square. It seems an awful waste if I don't use both in this very experimental stage. But if the lettering is horrid, the whole project will suffer. Maybe I'll just play later. I'm drawn more to the impermanent nature of the cutouts, after all.

I have a habit of forgetting about all the tools in my arsenal. It won't work in the comics format! Waste happens, but it leads to growth. Now if my Achilles' Heel of inexperience doesn't hinder me further, I should be all right! I may even post my first completed page. :) Just maybe...

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