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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phase Two: Death and Taxes

Yesterday was wasted due to crappy weather, bad drivers and a two hour trip turning into a five hour trip during my most productive part of the day. But I made it out to my tax lady, had lunch with my parents before the big snow hit. And when my taxes were done, and Brandon's were done, we both drove home on roads that were dangerous enough without all the panickers, hoarders, inexperienced inclement weather drivers, and pickup trucks without any extra weight over their wheels.

We all know that the old saying is true about death and taxes. I'm just glad I didn't have to prove the statement all in one day!

While I'm not among the aforementioned groups, I am among the "I just wanna get home and I apparently can drive better than you on the snow" sect of the local populace. Longstanding patience and self-control aside, I didn't start fidgeting at the tax preparer's until 1.5 hours into my wait. But it was funny, because my mom and dad beat me there and monopolized her first!

Similarly, I was 2 hours into the half-hour trip home before I started singing Christmas songs and did some car dancing to maintain my sanity. Or to exhibit the first signs of insanity. Whichever. At any rate, when I rummaged and found it, the Labyrinth soundtrack saved them all!

So, as a reward for my tolerance, I'm spending as much time as I can working on art and writing today.

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