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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Phase Two: Floundering, and the Influence of Reality

Reality brings bills, worries, stress and the occasional stray cat that I can't turn away. Collecting books is like hoarding food in a bomb shelter. When I want to lock out the world for a while, stories save me, metaphysically speaking. Or literally, if I decide to make a bullet-and-zombie-bite-proof vest and gauntlet set out of the Twilight Saga. Those books and the controller cords from the original X-Box controllers are all I need...

Just kidding. I'd never destroy my "vintage" X-Box accessories. I'll have to use shoestring instead.

Oh, about that dang reality... The few days since my breakthrough have been spent in trying to find part-time employment as a substitute teacher. Doctors, drug screenings, fingerprinting, paperwork and the like have sucked the creative life out of me for this week.

I can't be floundering around if I haven't put pen to paper (or fingers on the home keys), right? Floundering around involves action, which I haven't taken. I have two or three weeks of waiting until the background check comes through. I'll consider that free time in which to crank out as much work as possible.

So I can't guarantee the quality of any gibberish I post between now and the time my novel and comic are finished. If real words strung together as real sentences happen on here, they're not happening in my books. Which brings me to my next point...

Happy creating to me! Buh-bye for now!

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