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Monday, February 7, 2011

Phase Two: Loose Screws and Dangling Threads

Moe Conn Technical Theatre Adage Number One: Done is good. I'm not yet, but I'm over the traipsing through the tulips mentality of vast and cuddly enjoyment regarding each minuscule event that happens in this world. I guess I know the world and society too well. I need to force my story to display a glimpse of the world now, and then build the plot from that. Just because the main character is seeing this world for the first time doesn't mean he's a complete drooling idiot over the little things!

I'll save living in my world for Phase Three. Then, I'll focus on World Immersion and the what-if scenarios debated by my beloved internal and external nerd society. I can't recall one series book in which I learned every tiny detail about a world and didn't get nauseated by the unnecessary-detail-overload complex.

My last word count was 25,339. Novel's up to 28,598 words and climbing. That's 3,259 words since 1/31/11. Not good, but not horrible. And if I actually write every day, I'll manage this amount every day or every other day. Well, there... I said it. If I sit down every morning and just write, the book gets written! Novel idea, isn't it? Ha!

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