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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phase Two: Penciling, Inking, and the Written Word

ON THE COMIC: I have two penciled pages, no progress today, and plenty of thumbnails to flesh out the rest of my penciled pages. I bought some high-quality sable brushes (poor baby sables!) for line work because most of the other small brushes I own are cheap. I also stocked up on some more pre-lined, non-repro comic pages from Strathmore. I'm liking the plate finish, but I'm concerned about inking. I will finish some pencil-work and practice inking tomorrow, if real-world duty doesn't require a paper-work related road trip.

ON THE BOOK: I'm content to announce zero progress on the novel since I last posted a "report card." I'm trying to work on both the comic and the novel. The result is that a few events have torn me away from both projects these past couple of weeks. I want to work frantically on the novel. It is frustrating and curious that untimely attention-seeking, unavoidable distractions occur during my times of substantial inspiration and potential.

CONCLUSION: I have a tendency to work more efficiently when I'm juggling my time between some type of "real-world" employment and my more important work. I do tend to get more done when more is on my plate. I'm practically masochistic this way. And the temporary employment I'm seeking will be a financial blessing in the long run. Back to the balancing act again! Only this time, I'll make time for everything else that matters to me, too!

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