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Monday, January 31, 2011

Phase Two: Breakthrough!

GRAPHIC NOVEL: I'd been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out which character story I would decide upon for my graphic novel. When I decided that, I had to decide which part of the story I could start with. (Leave my prepositions alone! :-P) So I dawdled for the greater part of yesterday.

It had to be God, because I wasn't feeling it... But I realized that the part of the story I should tell will be great therapy for me. Hence, a breakthrough! No trudging through story points that are shallow, trying to muddle toward a point. If I pace it well, it'll only take three arcs to tell the whole story of this one character's path.

Then I realized that I could do a fourth arc that would tie in the graphic novels with the written novel. So now I've got notes on all volumes, with a script started for the first one. Progress!


Writin' a book. Makin' progress. Made some decisions that will clarify story elements. My concern is that I type very quickly with few errors. Rambling is easier to cut in editing, but it'll be more work to rush through the draft and have to fabricate content later. That said, I wonder if the story is taking so much time because I'm rambling or because I'm enjoying the process of discovery...

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