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Monday, January 17, 2011

Phase Two: Productivity! Phase Three, Here I Come!

I wrote some last night. Will write more today. Feeling inspired and wanting to avoid housework. I feel like I could finish this thing by the end of the month, after all! Phase Three (Evaluation, Notes, Restructure) will be an intense, refreshing departure from laziness. It's only been a few months since my last major Restructure of the now-sequel, which resulted in the need for my current draft. Phase Four (2nd Draft) is just around the corner from that. And Phase Five is basically another round of Evaluation, Notes and Restructure, before polishing the novel in Phase Six. And then on to the submission Phases... :) Only x-thousand words left to go on Phase Two... When will Phase Three get here???

P.S. Wow! I didn't realize I had complicated an already complicated process. I guess it's my compulsive listing that requires me to break it down into logical Phases, but it's not like every other author doesn't do it the same way, right?? ...Right?

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