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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Phase 2: Word Count, etc.

I'm a little slow in writing, but I've made it to 25,339 words. It's been slow going, but big story decisions have been made. Big decisions now make writing big action easier later.

In addition to some writing, I did some sketches today (yesterday?) and made a few decisions regarding the course of the graphic novel, both in process and story. I'm sure of which characters to use and during which part of the lengthy story to begin. (Sort of! To the ones who know my world and characters: thanks for your input!) I'll be reworking and reordering some story elements and drafting a new script tomorrow, I hope. Nothing final, just some brainstorming. Then I'll finalize Chapter One's script, do some thumbnails and get started.

This first chapter will take the longest, since I've never followed through with a full comic book before. I'll be working with manual media in all my planning, just plain pencil and draft paper. Then I get to make the big decision: digital (Manga Studio and GIMP) or traditional (Bristol and Pen/Brush with Ink). I could do a hybrid comic, starting it "the hard way" and finishing it digitally. I'll have to deal with a professional printer when I'm ready for submissions, either way. Opinions, anyone?

UPDATE 4:38 : 26,025 words on the novel! Re-drafting the graphic novel script now. :)

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