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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phase Two: Progress!!

Well, I'm little-girl giddy! Or middle-of-the-night giddy... Don't know which. I just know that I'm in a mood to overuse ellipses... and in such a state that grammar and other sentence-structure things have gone downhill. However, I have a breakthrough in my novel!


I have finally made it past PART ONE!!! Unfortunately, I have no energy to delve into Part Two right now, so I'll just type up some notes and go to bed. But goodness! The Part One Milestone was a long time a'comin'! It took me 67 pages double-spaced to get there, which means it may be mostly junk. But I have plenty to work with, at least!  ... ... ... (overuse of ellipses, and not even in the right places!)

I did a brain-dump of ideas in sentence form that somehow make a sorta coherent story. See? You, too, can be a novelist! But remember: Brain-Dump doesn't always equal Published Novelist! But I'm sure there are some examples of just that out there, too... ... ...

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