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Monday, January 24, 2011

Phase Two: About the Novels

A reader on Twitter (Thanks @JohanneLightXD!) just asked me about my graphic novel. It occurs to me that I'm a generalist when it comes to descriptions. I guess it's the "Oh, no! Idea Theft Imminent!" mentality that shrouds all creative personalities. So here's what my graphic novel is about: "It's a story about a woman who comes to terms with her feelings about humanity... one century at a time!"

I'm actually quite pleased with that description. Of course, there's tons more I can say once the thing is more finished. All the characters are in my head and the story is finalizing. My biggest challenge has been converting my art style into the sequential format of comics. So while the other original character/storylines percolate, I'm going to practice and post (somewhere!) artwork from public-domain-stories in comic book form. A bit of a divergence, I know. But stories and artistic talent aren't my problem. It'll be fun and very good for me!

Now, as far as the written novel goes, I gave a similar generic-but-accurate description of Volume One during NaNoWriMo: "The book is a coming of age tale that begins when a young man is deposited in a foreign land. You know... the generic type of plot!"

These descriptions aren't so much of a dodge as a freeing tool that allows the story freedom to evolve. I knew I was having fun the other day when I was engrossed as I was writing the thing, wondering what would happen next! Or maybe the cabin-fever-crazies have crept in! :) Either way, fun is fun!

And, just as a backup from a description I wrote on the NaNoWriMo site, a bit of myself:

"I grew up in small town Kentucky and loved it. I earned a Master's Degree in Art Education this Spring. My Bachelor's is in Art with a minor in Theatre. I love the art of storytelling, no matter the medium, with a preference for sci-fi/fantasy based stories. Why would we want to escape from our boring lives into someone else's boring life?"

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