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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Phase Two: Novels and Comics

I got a Twitter response from David Mack the other day. He's a great comics artist and writer who made the Kabuki series. I think he writes for Daredevil now. Since I'm having trouble with the process of turning decent art talent into sequential art format, I asked him what was the hardest part of making his first volume of Kabuki. He told me that it was the discipline of sitting down and working on it every single day, to see it through to the end. And also getting it to print correctly. :)

Since I consider myself first and foremost a storyteller in most of my goals, David Mack reminded me that the work has to go into it or nobody cares. I can't present nothing and get it published! Unless I want to start an avant-garde movement in the comics industry...

With some outside input, I think I can set a goal of one chapter in the comic book-- completely finished-- per month. So by the end of February, I should have something of worth to submit for publication in the comics foray.

With some just plain hard work, I can crank out the rough draft of Volume One if I work on it daily. Daily!! You hear that, lazy-Tamara! Action-oriented-Tamara wants to come out and play! The book won't finish and edit itself! (I do feel a kind of desire to make this an illustrated novel for young adults, or a book with concept artwork in the back. Don't know how illustrated novels are flying in the YA to adult categories, though!)

In other words, I could potentially get published as a comics artist before a novelist because I can start and finish just one chapter/issue at a time. That's the best case scenario. That also would be the pinnacle of irony, considering my goals. Worst case scenario, I will at least get better at drawing. Middle-of-the-road case scenario, I will get awesome feedback from professionals on how to improve the work.

God's got this one, so I'll just put in the work and try not to fret. Make it so, Number One!

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