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Monday, December 13, 2010

Phase Two: Attention Deficit Dis... Snow Before Christmas???

Given the state of the world's climate, and the global warming debate, (or the reneg to "global climate change" *cough, cough*), one would expect a great deal of subtle changes, mostly to warmer days and milder winters. But alas, I spent my outside time today trudging-- trudging to walk the dogs up and down hills, trudging to the basement to retrieve my winter coat (it's not even January, for crying out loud!), trudging up and down my zig-zag path to my friends' place.

All that trudging was thanks to the ugly-hiding, ground-slicking, school-closing, old-injury-aching snow. The flakes were fluffy for a while, but then shrank to those bits of shiny flat shards that sparkled like crushed vampire. And by a little after 11pm, it was a combination of that and the little dots that make good snowballs.

The ground is covered. My tracks and my dog's tracks are long filled in, three times for the dogs and six times for me. We're going to get more than the forecast 4 inches max. With any luck, I can hole up here and not have to leave. Except for the cabin fever...

So, you may ask, why don't you use this shut-in time for productive pursuits? To this, I give an obvious answer: I plan on making Snow Cream! (It must be an Appalachian thing, since I've had to explain it so often to "outsiders.")

Snow Cream Recipe

1 Person Willing to Brave the Elements
+Big Bowl of "Clean" Snow (Off the car is good... Don't scrape the bottom!)
+Sweetened Condensed Milk (or the traditional cream and sugar)
+Vanilla Flavoring (A teaspoon or so. Eyeball it!)
+Stirring... Not a lot! (SCM makes a firmer, less sugar-gritty Snow Cream that is more like Ice Cream.)
= Snow Cream!

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