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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sad Time

All that I want to accomplish seems so trivial sometimes, in the face of reality. I like that my characters act logically, at least in their own minds, and that there's always someone willing to be the good guy-- unshakable and capable of winning. I like that good and evil fight and will continue to fight ad infinitum.

Reality taught me many things:

1. People die, and only a few people care.
2. People that matter don't always communicate when you offend them or hurt them, or when they need you, or they do communicate, but passive-aggressively.
3. People are not always smart enough to figure out the latter, and perhaps worse, we're not always capable of righting the wrongs. Or we're too exhausted with the behavior to help fix it.
4. Some people hide behind their faith instead of standing firm inside the armor of their faith.
5. Walking in someone else's skin is impossible if people are too caught up in their own drama.

I won't say I don't use characters with these idiosyncracies. It just hurts when I do, because it reminds me of something I'd rather not experience. But when all the failings of the human race get dumped into one story, or one life, I can't help but want, beyond all things, to have that perfect hero emerge and save the day. I want the good guy to win over evil. And I want to look out on a bright day, knowing that the pieces will all fall together and that my path is not just a series of stumbling blocks that end against a brick wall.

Maybe that's why I tell stories...

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