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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Phase Two: Writing... Still???

I'm still going... Promise! Not going strong, just going.

I've started working on several different pursuits that keep me busy! At some point, I realized that my sleep schedule was crap. Today, I turned over a new leaf. I woke up before double digits today. Being "between real jobs" is a good excuse to be "planning a business" and "writing my next novel." :) Except I'm really doing those last two things because of that first thing.

So far, I've spent some time looking for a plausible job along my lines of qualification. The Master's degree has hurt me more than helped me. So, among my many "things to do" right now, let me present a list for accountability:

1. Write first draft of second novel. (Revise, Edit, Complete... Submit!)
2. Plan business and develop products.
3. Develop characters and story for my graphic novels.
4. Exercise and Diet! (I'm a Health-By-The-Wayside Warrior!)

That should be enough to keep me busy for a while!

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