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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Resounding Argh!

And then there was snow again, and no one could make it to the Christmas dinner I so lovingly prepared. But everyone's all right and safe, if not a little worse for wear. I would say we've got six inches of snow, and more in places due to drifts.

I need a real kick in the pants for lazing about when I should be working on my book, product development, graphic novel art, and my health. I'm tempted to make that latter option a public affair to shame myself into accomplishment. When it's all said and done, I'll probably need to find the dreaded "gainful employment" by mid-February, or risk my relative comfort and bill-paying. So, here's to a little over one month of hard work. I know I said that one before (*cough* NaNoWriMo *cough*) but it's getting harder to be lazy. Unrestful, even.

Unfortunately, I made it to a turning point, AKA "good stopping place," in my novel and I'm still drifting around the 18,000 word mark. It's the mortal wound to progress, to stop in such a place. But I'll just take a few "Cure Minor Wounds" potions, otherwise known as Pepsi, and ensure my full recovery and restored momentum by the end of the month... when I give up the hard stuff for a few months. It'll be those first few Pepsi-less days that are the hardest, no?

So, how to repair a stalled story? Fall back on the loose outline I made, of course! Just boot up the file, tap my fingers on the home keys for a few minutes, and get to work! Save all the shiny stuff for the polish. As the great Moe Conn once pounded into my recovering perfectionist skull: "Done is good!"

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