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Monday, December 27, 2010

Phase Two: Reboot! ...and an impromptu Twilight "blargh!"

Haha! I have placed my hands on my hips and now defiantly proclaim that I have worked on my novel tonight! It is an accomplishment I will continue throughout the evening. Just digging myself out of a verbal rut.

EDIT UPDATE: WORD COUNT 19,592 (Done for the night.)

And speaking of rutting... I received the gift of Twilight: Eclipse the movie for Christmas. My mother had read the book but hadn't seen the movie, so I made sure she watched it with me. (Poor Dad!) Now I'm not on Team Anything regarding Twilight, but Robert Pattinson looked rough, and not uncut diamond rough, but straight up give-the-boy-a-hot-meal rough. And no, that's not a blood-sucker joke. If his sickly more-tortured-than-usual look was a directorial decision, then it's unfortunate. If it was a makeup oopsie, then shame on the techies!! He does have the potential to be an attractive Brit. :)

And on a strictly editorial note, I've cast Taylor Lautner in the role of my novel's protagonist, if I can get the book published and optioned for a movie somewhere between Mr. Lautner's baby-face stage and rugged manly stage. This is a known fact among my friends and family since the first Twilight movie came out. I turned to Brandon in the theater and said, "Oh my goodness! I've found ________!" That means I'm not cyber-stalking the young man... I'm legitimately scouting him!

(I'll be waiting on the indignant responses of "But Edward looked sickly in the Eclipse booooook! He's 'posta be all tortuuuuuured!" I love the nasal ring of the whiny voice translated to type! Look-- been there, read that, bought it and the movies, and almost carved a tiny wolf for a charm bracelet. Don't preach!)

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